To get started:  
1)  Make sure you have turned in a TRIP Registration form (available to print here).
2) Contact us for the enrolllment code or User Name to sign in to your ShopWithScrip account,  
3) Sign up for PrestoPay.  This is required for payment of online orders.  After your bank account information has been verified, contact us with your 4-digit PrestoPay approval code as the final step in the set-up process. (Please allow  1-2 days to complete the entire process.)

There are 3 options for ordering online (not all retailers offer all 3 options; visit the retailer’s shopping page):
ScripNow! Download and print instant e-cards for more than 100 retailers in minutes! You can even use ScripNow! to send eGifts (electronic gift cards) instantly to others through email, personalized with your own message. This is also a great way for out-of-town family and friends to help you earn more TRIP credit when they set up their own ShopWithScrip and PrestoPay accounts. (They must complete a TRIP registration form, indicating that they will donate their TRIP credit to your family account.)  Click here for more information about ScripNow! and here for a list of participating brands.
ReloadMore than 70 retailers gift cards can be reloaded through ShopWithScrip. Just purchase your initial card through the TRIP program, register it online, and add funds to it online. Generally, funds ordered and paid for online M-F by 3:30PM will be available on the card the following day.  Brands with the Reload Now designation add funds to your existing card in minutes! Click here for more information and here to find out which brands are reloadable.
Physical Gift Cards: Online orders for physical cards placed at by midnight on Wednesdays will be available to pick-up at Instant TRIP  the following week. (If your order is received after  midnight on Wednesday, we will fill the items we have in stock and order the remainder for pick-up the following week).

Reloadable cards for Meijer (3%) and Speedway (4%) may be special-ordered; funds can be added to the cards through your ShopWithScrip account (select the Reload option). If you want to order a reloadable Meijer or Speedway card online, be sure to select the non-GRCS card. (Meijer and Speedway cards listed at that have the GRCS designation are NOT reloadable).
NOTE: Reloadable Meijer & Speedway cards offer a lower % TRIP credit. We will continue to sell NON-reloadable Meijer cards at 4% and NON-reloadable Speedway cards at 5% the TRIP Office.

Need to purchase TRIP on-the-go? We have 2 mobile options:  MyScripWallet is the new, mobile-optimized version of our online shopping site,, for Apple and Android devices. If you already have a ShopWithScrip account, just sign in at to purchase, manage and redeem your Reload and ScripNow e-cards. If you haven’t signed up yet for ShopWithScrip, see “Online Ordering” above to get started. MyScripWallet offers electronic access to more than 300 brands with the same TRIP credit you’re used to.

Benefit Mobile is a convenient mobile app (for Apple and Android phones) which allows you to instantly purchase and redeem electronic gift cards to earn TRIP credit! Download the Benefit Mobile app from the iTunes app store, type in 49506, and select Grand Rapids Christian as your supported school. When asked “Who are you supporting?”, enter your TRIP account number. Benefit allows you to use credit cards for your purchases, for a reduced credit percentage. Please note that Benefit Mobile retailers and percentages very from those offered at Instant TRIP and ShopWithScrip. Credit earned through the Benefit Mobile app is applied directly to your tuition account monthly.







Benefit Mobile app