What is TRIP and how does it work?
TRIP is an easy way to reduce tuition by purchasing gift cards, certificates and e-cards--at no additional cost--for things you buy every day from hundreds of national and local vendors.

When you purchase gift cards from Eagle-TRIP at face value, a percentage of your purchase is credited to your TRIP account.

  • Gift cards, certificates, and e-cards are offered for a wide variety of national and local retailers. Use them like cash for goods and services that you purchase on a regular basis -- groceries, gas, clothing, restaurants, home improvement, entertainment, travel  ...and more!
  • The rebate percentages vary by vendor and range from 2% to 20%.
  • Accumulated TRIP credit is applied as payment to family tuition accounts two times per school year (May 1 and Nov. 1), or held in your account for future use..

Who can participate?
Everyone! Parents, grandparents, friends and churches can set up a TRIP account. Even “future families” who do not yet have children enrolled may participate and have credits held until needed at a future time. To enroll, complete a registration form and return it to the TRIP office. You will be assigned a TRIP account number to use when you place your orders.

How do I purchase TRIP?

  • GIFT CARD SALES:  Gift card sales take place once a week during the school year and selected weeks during the summer. Shop from our inventory of gift cards from over 100 popular vendors; orders are available for immediate pick-up and payable by cash or check. See Hours & Locations for current information.

    In addition to our in-stock gift cards, you can access  many more vendors, additional denominations, and larger quantities by placing a special order. Special-order products are shaded in gray on our order form. Include payment at the time of order and it will be available for pick-up the following week.
  • ONLINE ORDERING:  Set up a convenient online shopping account at PrestoPay set-up is also required to pay for online orders. Your ShopWithScrip account allows you to pre-order plastic gift cards, reload an existing gift card purchased through our program, or instantly download printable e-cards for participating retailers. Visit our Online Ordering page for details.
  • MOBILE APPs:  Purchase, manage and redeem TRIP e-cards right from your mobile device!  Visit our Online Ordering page for details.
  • VIP CERTIFICATES:  Available for purchase at Instant TRIP and accepted like cash at a wide variety of local businesses for a 5% TRIP credit.
  • VOUCHERS: Voucher vendors offer various TRIP credit percentages and require no advance purchase. Present a Voucher Form (available at the TRIP office) to a participating business with your payment at the time of purchase. The participating business sends your credit amount to the TRIP office and it is applied to your TRIP account.

EXAMPLE: Purchase Meijer gift cards (4%)

    $500  per month (groceries, gas, etc.)
     x 4%  credit               
    = $20  TRIP credit per month
      x 12  months per year
    = $240 annual tuition credit

...and that’s just a start!

Think of all the other purchases your family makes on a regular basis!